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Does any one role play in mabi?

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in Mari Chat
Its something I've brought up with other players. Most say they don't but know someone who knew someone who did. Most players I've met (at least on this server) aren't interested or seem to think rp is only for "NC-17 Adult Content." If you get what I mean. I play mabi to relax and get out of irl. To create a story, a character, complete with back story, personality, and would like to build her up with an interactive world. One that isn't just npc and players behind a computer screen, but one with other characters. Sure I get irl gets involved in games, yet... Wouldn't it be lovely to pretend, if at least for a little bit, to be your character?


  • AlteairAlteair
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    I used to Role Play on Mabi a couple years back, and you're right! It's quite an amazing experience and a good way to escape from reality while enjoying the creativity of others and building an enjoyable story. It seems to have died out on Mari, though. Quite a shame...
  • KensamaofmariKensamaofmari
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    I used to role play like you, but then I took life to the knee.
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