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Kiirion's List of Goods

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edited February 27, 2018 in Ruairi Marketplace
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Im not sell savvy, so im not sure of the prices for a lot of things. Everything is for Trade and Sale, but note me on Kiirion ;; Most of these things are a inv/bank clean out,
Update :: 2/26/18
edit: please bear with my all my banks and inventories are a mess, im trying to get everything up but its Just So Much
Beauty Coupons
Hair looking for a Caswyn (F)
Half Updo (M) || Shylock (M) || Elven (M) || Mad Paris (M) || Romeo (M)
Glewyas (M) || Sporty Cut (M) x2 || Maike (M)|| Festia Merchant (F) || Dowra (F) || Boyish (F)
Determined x3 || Chic City Slicker x2|| Emaciated x2 || Trustful x2 || Innocent Bright x2 || Lively || Observant || Daydreaming
Rag Doll x2 || Guarded || Succubus Fiend || Heart-Filled || Piercing x4 || Starlight x2 || Unfocused || Stargazing || Starry
Playful Teasing x2 || Vampire || Om Nom Nom || Smirking || Cute Animal x4
Vigilant || Teeny || Dissatisfied x3 || Mischievous Cat || Super Sour
Starry Cheeked (M/elf) || Starry Cheeked (M/human) || Shooting Star (M/elf) || Square Freckled (M/giant) x2 || Serious Blush (F/giant) || Starry Cheeked (M/giant)
Somber (F/human) || Small Ears Freckled (F/elf) x3 || Doleful (F/human) || Serene (F/human) x2 || Shooting Star (F/human) x2 || Shooting Star (F/ef) x3

Fine Silk x7 || Cheap Silk x6 || Finest Silk x7
Finest Fabric x17 || Common Fabric x4 || Fine Fabric x11 || Cheap Fabric x3
Building Stone x12 || Large Nail x20 || Common Leather Strap x2 || Cheap Leather Strap x4 || Finest Leather Strap x6 || Wood Board x15
Iron Plate || Finest Leather x10 || Fine Leather x2
Glittering Paper x7 ||

Fine Reforging Tool x3 || Magic Powder x9 || Falias Fragment
Herbs Looking for Garbage/Bloody/Base
Sunlight x128 || Mana x7 || Golden x11

Wooden Table || Anchor Statue x2 || Arachne Mobile || Doll Kiosk || Old Junk || Wood Chip x3 || Fish Drying Rack x2

Appearance Scrolls
Royal Crystal Wing Bow || Savage Lightning Wand || Fairy Ice Wand || Trinity Staff x2 || Strawberry Cookie Wand

Music x2 XP (1 Day) || Puppetry x2 XP (1 Day) x2

Fashion Trading Most of these to complete outfit sets
Looking for Cross Empire outfit (F) and Rhetoi Rabbit outfit (F)
Magus Crest Boots (M) Trading for Magus Crest outfit (F) || Style Suit (F) || Dragon Scale Armor || Bat Dress (F) || Elegant lamellar armor
Patisserie Uniform (F) || Pinstripe PJS (M) || Preschool Uniform (M) ||
Patisserie Oven Mitts (F)
Portias Shoes || Bell Fox Shoes || Elegant Lamellar Boots
Dowra Wig || Preschool Hat || Cessairs Heart Wig || Scooter Helmet || Patisserie Wig+Hat (F) || Count Cookie Hat+Wig
Penguin Robe || Ghostly Robe
Guitar Case || Pilot Briefcase || Pure White Cello

Green Bargain Beam Sword || White Bargain Beam Sword x2 || Rainbow Bargain Beam || Blue Bargain Beam x3 || Red Bargain Beam

Fireball Pg1 x3 || Pg2 x5 || Pg3 x3 || Pg4 || Pg5 x3 || Pg6 x4 || Pg7 || Pg8 || Pg9 x2 || Pg10
Thunder Pg2 || Pg3 x2 || Pg5 x3
Ice Spear Pg1 || Pg3 x2 || Pg4 x2

Cylinder M || Cylinder F x2 || Bow F || Wand M || Sword F

Kyles Pen;;Max DMG +10, +11 || Williams Notebook;;MaxMP +52 || Little Ghost Lunch;; Crit 5/4/3/8
Coltons Handkerchief ;; Str14 Dex13 Int11 Will14 Luck2 ;; Str5 Dex12 Int1 Will11 Luck3

Gold Paint || Purple Paint || Blue Paint x2