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Upgrading a chain blade (cutthroat) [RESOLVED]

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edited March 6, 2018 in Help
I honestly have no idea, I checked wikis and I asked around in game. Are we unable to gem upgrade them? I did 5/5 normal upgrades and the wiki only shows gem repair. A friend says he seen someone with a red upgraded chainblade and he doesn't know how. Am I missing something, did I do it wrong? Or is it just something we can't do yet?
edit: I found a video on youtube and after some snooping, I found out they're on NA server (mari) with a step 7 chain blade.
Which proves you can gem upgrade, so I did something wrong. I just can't figure out what? Is it the type of blade?
edit 2: They used the same blade I what did I do wrong lol. I'm so lost.

Friend in game helped me figure it out (turns out Im stupid and had no idea gem repair counted as a gem upgrade. Learn new things everyday--)