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Reforging- Playing with Chance

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Nabbed it off the old forums(lets pray the character count holds out)

The very simple, but easily understandable definition of a reforge.
A reforge is an additional upgrade that can be added through the use of various Reforging Tools. It may give the user additional stats, power up certain skills, or cause skills to become longer or wider. Not all types of equipment can be reforged.
As said above, some equipment is unable to be reforged due to not having a reforge slot and they all add some type of effect, which varies by the level of the effect. Typically, you can categorize these effects into Utility or Damage categories.

To list a few:
Utility: Ranged attack distance, Blacksmithing skill exp, Spinning uppercut protection/defense redution chance, etc

Damage: Smash damage, Water cannon damage, Magic Attack increase...(I think you get the idea)

It's also important to know that reforging effectiveness is dependent upon the rank of the reforge. The better the rank, the more levels you can obtain, the better the effect will be. Effect levels max out at 20, but not all effects can go up to 20.
(a smash 5 will add 50% damage, but a smash 20 will add 200%)
The ranks in order go from Unreforged, 3 rank(r3), 2 rank(r2), and 1 rank(r1)
    Rank 3 can obtain effects ranging from 1-5.
Rank 2 can obtain effects ranging from 1-10.
Rank 1 can obtain effects ranging from 1-20.
In the case where an item has no effects, but has a r2 or r1, you must use a Fine or Credne reforge.
Otherwise when it is unreforged, you can use a regular reforging tool.

It's also important to know the concept of lines in reference to reforges. When we say lines, we refer to the number of effects the item has. Lines will usually default to one line(one effect) with rare chances of getting two and three(the maximum of lines). If you have one or two lines, they can only be increased through the use of a Credne reforge.

-2 lines
-3 lines
Obviously you'll need to use a reforging tool to get these effects. There are 3 types of reforges, although there others which are in events or are not implemented.
In order, these are the Reforging tool, Fine reforge, and Credne.

A Reforging tool is only able to be used once it is Unreforged. It will then reforge the item. This usually changes the item to a Rank 3 reforge with typically 1-2 lines, although there are small chances of Rank 2 and infinitely small chances of Rank 1.
A Fine reforging tool is able to rank up an item, and also change effects. It cannot change lines.
A Credne tool is able to rank up, change effects, and also increase the number of lines.
imageReforge Restoration tool-removes reforging rank and effects.
imageCommerce reforge-adds commerce speed(higher possible effect on G15 outfits
imageAmazing reforge-higher chance of rank up

The basic and easiest way to go about reforging is like this:

1. Does your reforge need a high level effect? Decide on which level you want to get to.
2. If your item is Unreforged, use a Reforging tool.
3. If your item has no lines, but is r1 or r2, use a Fine reforge.
4. Do you want better chances of getting the effect, or more effects? Use a Credne reforge to increase lines.
/Once you hit 3 lines, that is the maximum.
5. Use a Fine reforge until you get the effect and level that you want.

A list of effects and their level limits can be found on the wiki page.

**Updates will eventually be made to accommodate the other new reforges introduced since the making of this guide.


  • Darkpixie99Darkpixie99
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    Nice title, but yeah... reforging can be expensive depending on if you're aiming for gear with full useful stats or not. If you decide reforging isn't worth the RNG, you can make good gold selling them to other players in your personal shop. It's almost similar to upgrade stones in that aspect. Just today I had 3 items with 2 stats of random transformation skills, and a few of them aren't even usable by my race. Reforges can be useful if you just enjoy small stat boosts or skill cooldowns.
  • rainLOVErainLOVE
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,510
    Posts: 147
    i never have luck with reforge or gachapons ;w;
    countless times i get 1 line r1 reforge on my first tries.
    and i used like 9 commerce reforge highest it went was lv14 trans speed...

    anyways. I proudly buy finished product from people ;w;
    thank you for putting this together : D
  • AstralBlueAstralBlue
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    Posts: 59
    Words of Wisdom: Do not re-roll if your reforge is already great.
    Example: You have a Dual Gun Max Damage 19 reforge (+5 max damage added per level) and you want to get a Dual Gun Max Damage 20 reforge. You do not realize how difficult it is to get an Dual Gun Max Damage 18+ reforge. It's honestly not worth the agony just to get another +5 max damage.
    Expect to pay millions of gold on reforging tools.