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Multiple Crashes/Disconnect in Succession

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edited March 18, 2018 in Technical Support
I started playing Mabi again for the 10th Anniversary. Game had been fine so far, just the occasional disconnect that I assume was my internet messing up, not happening too often.

However, just now today have been crashing constantly every 5-10mins or so for the past hour and a half. I was trying to sit by the tree in the middle of Festia for the buff as part of the daily quest for event coins. Had to try over and over since would disconnect before the 10min timer finished.
Finally got it after an hour of trying...
I thought maybe now the crashing had stopped, so went in the Cave of Trials. Got to Claimh Solas then the game froze and I disconnected again... when I logged back in I was dead and outside the entrance. So this crashing wasted one of my passes :(

I repaired the installation, dunno if that's even possible to be a cause but just in case. It didn't fix the issue though.

Logged out now because i'm honestly scared to move my items around and stuff in case I disconnect while holding something etc.

Really hope this will be resolved :s

(Server is Alexina, attempted to log in on channels 5,6,7 but same problem on all.)


  • Sakura2503Sakura2503
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    same for me, after being disconnect I have the same message's error appearing, kind of annoying. Please help us.