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It May Be Time For A New Server!


  • TeddieTeddie
    Mabinogi Rep: 565
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    Teddie wrote: »
    What? No!

    Leinei said no as well but provided a reason -- is yours the same? If this isn't a good idea I want to know learn from everyone as to why.

    The obvious point of contention is that we barely have enough people in any one server. I did not feel the need to say what should have been a given fact, anymore than I ask anyone in the United States who was the first black president of the United States.

    In any case, a new server won't attract many newer players on an older, more niche game like Mabinogi anyway. It's a given for any MMO, as a matter of fact. First few months, a year or two, and then people stop joining in droves. The population stabilizes, fluctuating frequently but not too severely.

    There are many reasons. One may not like the graphics of an older game, some are intimidated by veterans. If anything, it is because the game isn't new or revolutionary, that one is not at the forefront of something exciting and unknown.

    Very few veterans would go back to redo everything they had already done. Nostalgia isn't such a big factor for all but those with the most rose tinted glasses.

    Okay thank you for the detailed response! Much more informative than the prior! And that goes for all of the responses here, I now understand a little bit better why another server is a bad idea.
  • KttyKtty
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    Tayloreski wrote: »
    merge the ruari and tarlach, merge alexina and mari. Add 3rd server with special rules, like a test or beta server.

    Shhhhh! Talking about a merge is a sin on these forums D:

    -::Throws Holy Water::-