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Change exploration action to "use item in hand"

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edited August 8, 2018 in Feedback and Suggestions
Suggestion: Make a "use item in hand" action with it's own keybind, ideally replacing the exploration action keybind (default is 'x'). This will allow us to use skills without having to use up a hotkey slot or hunt for the skill in the skill window. To use, just hold the appropriate item and press a key to "use item."

Using items will have these effects:
L-rods --> Exploration Action
Fishing Rod --> Fishing Skill
Metallurgy Sieve --> Metallurgy Skill
Cooking Utensil --> Cooking Skill
Tailoring Kit --> Tailor Skill
Handicraft Kit --> Handicraft Skill
Potion Concoction Kit --> Potion Making Skill
Instrument --> Play Instrument Skill
Microphone --> Song Skill
Taming Cane --> Tame Skill
Dreamcatcher --> Transformation Window
Enchant Powder --> Enchant Skill

Combat item "use" is possible, but more complicated to implement. I add the following just as a brainstorm:
Control Bars --> Control Marionette Skill
Dual Guns --> Reload (For Sun Colts: Reload if in combat stance, Exploration otherwise)
Chain Blade --> Expand Dorcha Gauge and bring to front while key is held down, return to previous position when key is released
Cylinders --> Show Attribute Marbles, or show number of crystals in possession?


  • YangKoeteYangKoete
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,155
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    That....That's actually a really good idea...Especially for the L-Rods.
  • BronzebreakBronzebreak
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,605
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    Dunno if I'd say that it's necessary for every weapon/skillset, but yeah it'd be REALLY nice to see at least the life skills benefit from it, and/or for something like the Tower Cylinder to be set-up with the hotkey as well. It would sure as heck open up quite a few hotkey slots (WTB>new hotkey slot for every Talent since Bard). Perhaps have the attribute marbles just always show the crystals possessed? Idk.