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Quitting sale - lots of male clothes

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edited May 16, 2018 in Mari Marketplace
I can no longer comment on my old post, so remaking it with an updated list. I am currently on Mari for the weekend with a shop in Belvast. I will try and be on more weekends with a shop. I don't really know prices on Mari anymore, but if your offer seems reasonable, I will probably take it.


Quitting Mari, anyway. The bulk of it is clothing sets (which I'd prefer to sell as sets) with some other odds and ends thrown in. I haven't been on Mari to pay attention to prices in about 2 years, so most of the list won't have prices, feel free to make a offer, if it sounds reasonable, I'll probably take it. The majority of my stuff is dyed in a variation of 000000, 00FFFF, and 2200FF. I don't care if you don't like the colors, you get what you pay for, not what you wanna do to it. I'll do my best to keep the post up to date, but some things might slip through.

You may offer here or note me in-game @ Matashichi of Alexina (the preferred way) or Lunareaperx of Mari.

Trump Card Hat (will be putting in auction house @50m, not expecting to get that much, but to let people know it's up for grabs)
Vampire Hunter Set
Floral Fairy Outfit and Elf ear piece
Kyra Floral Pattern Robe w/ Halona mask (will be putting in auction house @10m, not expecting to get that much, but to let people know it's up for grabs)
Frankenstein Set
Joyful Snowflake outfit, Lovely Snowflake hat/boots, Cheerful Snowflake gloves, comes as set
Striped Pajama outfit (slippers sold)
Kaito set w/o headpiece (has been dyed)
Royal Academy Formal Set w/ Boat Shoes
Ninja Hagi set w/ Kitsune wig
Catastrophic Dexterity Chinese Dragon Helm Elf
Collector Outlaw Chinese Dragon Gauntlets Elf
Camo Chinese Dragon Boots
Pirate Chinese Dragon Armor Elf (armor is personalized, if you want a set and buy the other parts and want the armor too, all you'll need to do is give me a trade unlock pot or the money to buy one, and that'll be the cost of the armor)
Vine Dragon Scale Helm
Fox Outlaw Dragon Scale Gaunts
Strider Dragon Scale Greaves
Defensive Imp Dragon Scale Armor (the D-Scale set was before the elf heavy armor dex nerf, probably not worth selling the armor, would go for the same qualifications as the CD armor above)
Butterfly Set
Special Assault Royal Diamond Leather Light Armor (trade unlock + 1m)
Butler set

SAO Lisbeth show accurate set (small accents were dyed to be more show accurate)

~~~Misc. equips
Surprising Cornflower Celtic Cross +35 Luck
Surprising Buckle +25 Luck
Life Exploration Fishing Rod, Cooking Knife
Gloomy Sunday, no enchants, -3 dura, +15 buff, S5 spec. upgrade (needs unlocked)
Fifth Compass Fragment +9 crit
Third Compass Fragment +21 Max Damage
Sweetheart's Note +48 MP
Sweetheart's Handwarmer +51 HP
Sweetheart's Letter +9 def +1 prot
Sweetheart's Picture +49 stam
Cursed Talking Skull str11/dex12/int9/will10/luck6
Lambent Light
Succubus and Incubus inv. bags (have to be drop traded)

Christmas Tree (the 2015 gacha white/blue one) 4M

2200FF 600K ea.


  • KaBlamKaBlam
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    Kirito set hm?
  • LunarZeroLunarZero
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    KaBlam wrote: »
    Kirito set hm?

    I can't find any on the server currently, so I'll say 5M. Mostly because last time I was on (a month ago), I saw an undyed outfit by itself for 4M.
  • SL33SL33
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    edited May 15, 2018
    hey I am interested in buying the kirito set if you still have it! I messaged you in the game. My ign is Christology.
  • LunarZeroLunarZero
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    Kirito set has been sold
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