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B> Light blue dyes - code in the post!

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edited May 15, 2018 in Mari Marketplace

S> Eweca Red Upgrade Stone (r7 stone) - 10m obo?

S> Noble Galaxy Starlight Wings (red and white) - 3.5m

S> r1 Final Hit 16 Oblivion Male head. - nmo

S> r1 Ice Spear Attack Range 14 Avenger armor - 1.25m

S> r1 Herbalism EXP 7 Head (male) - 1.25m

I have a set of 2nd titles and trans medals I have been hoarding that I may or may not sell, just add or note me if interested. (would prefer to sell as a set)

Neamhain 2nd title & Transformation medal
Cichol 2nd title & Transformation medal
Morrighan 2nd titel & Both open eyed & regular Transformation medals
Macha Transformation medal
Noa Transformation medal

(so three 2nd titles and five transformation medals, full set of the god/goddess)

Atm the titles are 5-10m ea and the trans are also 5-10m ea based on prices I see every once in awhile, providing no re-release they should be somewhere around 35m-75m worth atm.

(annnd a re release so prices have dropped! So on hold on selling)


B> Light blue cloth dyes (R:191 G: 230 B: 249 #BFE6F9 ) Can be a few points higher or lower but needs to close! - Nmp!

B> 93ccea light blue metal dyes - Nmp!

B> Maltreat Divine Frostblossom Wings - Nmp!

IGN: Kibasurion

Can add / note in game or comment here (Prefer in game but I do check this daily)