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gold or paypal commissions!

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edited May 19, 2018 in Art Creations
hey all~ i've never posted here before so i guess i'm technically new? i've decided to open an art shop in hopes of improving my art and also getting some gold in game since i've always struggled with that ;w;... i've been drawing for a very long time but i still consider myself an amateur so my prices won't be too high!!

here are some examples of my art:

Full Body

Waist Up


full body: 1.5mil
waist up: 1mil
bust: 500k
for color, there's three options; color with shading/light, flat colors, and no color. i can't do detailed backgrounds so they'll be transparent or white backgrounds! i struggle with drawing big/muscular characters, so if your character is a giant i hope you don't mind me making them becoming more cutesy.

my IGN is Veoxys and i'm on the Mari server! if people from other servers are interested then maybe we could work something out with irl money through paypal..? i'm thinking the conversion would be something like:
500k = $5.00
1mil = $10.00
1.5mil = $15.00
this can be negotiated though. i've never done commissions before so i'm not sure how to price things ;www;