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Asha's Buying & Selling thread

Mabinogi Rep: 1,170
Posts: 39
in Alexina Marketplace

Always buying:
Gacha/Event color cookwear
(Links to wiki of different colors)

Sturdy Tools from Fairy Event *
Sturdy Gathering Knife
Sturdy Gathering Axe
Sturdy Blacksmith Hammer
Sturdy Pickaxe
Sturdy Cooking Knife
Sturdy Sickle
Sturdy Weeding Hoe
Sturdy Fishing Rod
Sturdy Rolling Pin
Sturdy Ladle
Sturdy Cooking Table

100 prof LLB(s) 200k each mail to Ashabella
Apprentice Chef's Hat

Odd Kitty Set F 4m
Food services: I can make seal food,Magic bean tofu,food for journal you name it!

For contact, Add/Note Ashabella