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Pls increase the Pet limit again by more than 50


  • JazmynJazmyn
    Mabinogi Rep: 7,595
    Posts: 1,009
    Meave wrote: »
    Well I did it I reached the limit. Now I have to decide which pets to delete. This truly sucks the big one. I don't want to be forced to give up pets. Most of them have items in them. I don't know how I got to 200 when I was at 185 and only got one Bull from the XO event. guess the first things to go are the ones I got when I started playing this game
    to bad I cant trade them to my alternate characters on the account IF they allowed the characters on the same account to own different pets that might be a xoloution too.

    It counts your characters as well.
  • SherriSherri
    Mabinogi Rep: 18,125
    Posts: 2,710
    Yes please, is this even being considered at all? :l
  • KehaiKehai
    Mabinogi Rep: 400
    Posts: 4
    I can only agree with this.
    I'm far from reaching the pet limit but if i have one thing i like in this game after music it's collecting pets so i'll reach it eventually then cry