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Mari Meet and Greet

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edited May 29, 2018 in Mari Chat
Hey everyone. I’m trying to see who’s around and willing to breathe some life back into the community for our server. This is a thread for posting IGN if you’re looking to make new friends. Introduce yourself and meet someone new.

I’ll start it off by saying my IGN is ZenoFrost and I’m a returning veteran looking to start a guild or join one that’s focused on the social aspect of the game. Also looking for random adds and I’m looking forward to meeting you all.


  • FluoretteFluorette
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    Greetings, ZenoFrost! I am Fluorette, but in game my username is Neisys. I generally log in around 10a.m. EDT (7a.m. PDT) when the server refreshes to start my daily routine of completing my Shadow Mission/Dungeon dailies and whatnot. After that, I'll log in a little later to do whatever, but lately I haven't had as much time due to school assignments, real life priorities, and constant gameplay stutters that have made the game a bit more difficult to keep up with. I should be more available after I finish school (and hopefully my problem will disappear?)

    If you're looking for a social guild to join, there are several recruiting that have advertised lately in-game and here on the forums. These guilds include but are not limited to Rebound, Reidasu, and Electrolytes. You will have to search the guild section of the Mari side of the forums or contact their leaders for more information as I am not in any of them.

    On the contrary, if you are looking to start your own guild, make sure you have the 5 members required in order for creation. Also, you'll probably want to offer something attractive that other guilds don't (or rarely do) to make it seem interesting to other players. Good luck if you choose to go that route!