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Recruiting for Hammerfell

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in Guild and Party Recruitment
Those who are interested please follow link>>>

Hammerfell is a guild that will look greatly into production areas. We want players to feel free to join for their own reasons and we look forward to social players. We hope to hear from so many people and want the guild to grow. We have been working on expanding and growing the guild this past week. The guild is still in its infancy and we want to share the growth of it with other players as well. We plan on making a discord group just for the guild once we have a sustainable amount of active players. We are welcoming new and old players and are willing to help inexperienced players get into the game. NEW PLAYERS MEANS NEW LIFE FOR THE GAME! Don't be shy, hop on in and say hello! Rn we are using the newly found Mabinogi Work Force (MWF) server on Discord. Feel free to message me on the game as well. Alexina Server, IGN Shagu for more details on the guild and MWF Server.

Thank you,
Shagu Groundhouse - Leader of Hammerfell


  • ZephyrmaruZephyrmaru
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    "If it wasn't for you meddling stormcloaks, I'd have stolen that horse and been halfway to Hammerfell."

    Nothing to contribute, but awesome name and awesome game ^ ^