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Change the grid size for some old homestead items

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edited June 3, 2018 in Feedback and Suggestions
The items I'm referring to in particular are the pink, blue, and yellow stars you can buy with pon. these stars are TINY and they float in the sky, however the grid space they take up is highly inefficient and downright annoying. These tiny little stars each take up 3 x 3 squares of space. I have starlet here to voice my sentiments:


We have things that are MUCH bigger and not even floating so they have possibility to clip with other objects and yet they only take 1 x 1 of space. Things like the fruity treats and sweet treats and homestead lollipop. Even some of the really big homestead props like macaroon pile, creamy 3-layer cake, and night watch bell only take up 3 x 3 space so I think it's really ridiculous that a tiny glowing star fills up the same space? lol XD I'm guessing the devs weren't expecting to make so many homestead items back when they created the stars so the sizing is like that. I would like to suggest some revamping of the grid size for old items and make them smaller to fit the sizing that more recent items have -- especially the stars!! They can EASILY be a 1 x 1 item

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  • ShoogShoog
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    Yes please! I've been hoping for this for quite a while now (homestead decorating can be tricky and frustrating at times) and I do hope the developers consider making these changes at some point.
  • EmerisEmeris
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    A lot of the older homestead items could use re-sizing.
  • SpasticMangoSpasticMango
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    Oh hell yes, as someone obsessed with Hs decor this would help so much!!