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G20 Likability Question

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edited June 14, 2018 in Help
Currently playing catch up with the Chapter 6 quests (did G19 yesterday from "Curiosity Killed the Cat", as I did a few when I first came back some months ago and been putting it on the back burner, so glad that's done and over with... so many full recov. pots and nao stones used! The frustration...)

In G20's quest "A Knight's Musings", I failed the shadow mission and had to go through the dialogue again. When I picked the same choice as I made, the likability notif appeared again. Does that mean it, from that specific part of the quest, had a double effect or still a single effect? Meaning, did it stack or overwrite the previous choice?

I'm keeping notes of how many likeability points I have for each character, while at the same time not going for a specific title, but wanted to keep my notes accurate of where I stand with some characters throughout this gen just for the fun of it.

(Didn't know where to post this exactly...)