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More variety in 2nd Title bonuses (Aiming/Casting)

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edited June 17, 2018 in Feedback and Suggestions
I think there should be more variety in 2nd Title bonuses, making them a little more unique. Clearly they are running out of ideas for releases on these things, since each new 2nd title nowadays is the same as the last one with a few Speed+% tacked on.

Why not create some talent specific titles like +Aiming speed or +Casting speed for Archers and Mages, like how there are Music Buff Effect 2nd Titles that specifically benefit Bards.

Maybe there could be 2nd Titles that strengthen a particular skill as well, similar to a reforge effect. This could create more variety in 2nd title releases and usage. Good content to get people interested and profitable for Nexon. Right now everyone uses the best damage title or the Bard titles if you're a bard.