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Foxiee's buy n sell

Mabinogi Rep: 1,375
Posts: 71
edited August 8, 2018 in Tarlach Marketplace
IGN: Foxiee
You Can Find Some Of It [On Auction]
#330000 Reds 2m Mail
#211C35 Purples Reg/Metal 400k[reg]/1m[metal]
Green to blue flashy metal slow changing dye 500k each [Flashy]

Pihne Dye Sets 200k ea Mail
Ancient Golden Crystals 1.5m ea
Death mark amp gloves 20 male [Note me]
Lance Charge Damage 20 and Lance mast 18+ OR Combat mast 18+ (giant male handgear) 30m [This item is a Double/Tripple roll glove req., please no notes about single roll gloves)

Winter Princess Dress F 3m
Rin Kagamine Shoes F 3m
Abyss Dragon Full Armor F 30m
Abyss Dragon Light Armor F 30m
CoupleMagic Knight Lilly Suit F 16m [EXP one]
6def 3prot Drosera With Tarus ES and Frugal 2m+Unlock
4def 3prot Drosera With Tarus ES and Frugal 2m+Unlock
Death Mark AMP 13 + Shooting Rush Attack Speed 10 Gloves for Males human Elf Only 3m