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Mabinogi Community Wiki Data Compilation

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edited January 28, 2017 in Town Square
Ever run into something you haven't seen listed on the wiki, but want to donate the information without directly volunteering? Not sure what is needed to donate to Mabinogi World Wiki? I'm going to toss in a few examples here, and start out with saying to make sure you have screenshot program that allows you to put up the images as it's own link first. Also, if you know the location and price of an object, make sure to say it too.
Mabinogi's #1 Player volunteer run wiki:

The EAR of Mabinogi Wiki Image Submission:
-Even if you sent images like mine in, they would all have to be retaken, resized, or edited in paint to match up.
-A different background can break the flow of the previous screenshots you took.
-Remember that an image may look beautiful on the forum, but could pixelate altogether on the Wiki page.

[Note] Before snapping away on that PRT SCRN screen button, make sure that Outline Rendering is turned off. If it's on, then your screenshot will not be finalized and you may be asked to retake it. The screenshots taken below were all done with outline rendering on, which results in an image that will easily appear to be low quality.
-Make sure to check that the sizes of your screenshots all match the requirement, alongside a similar background.

Fluffy Puppy Bag
(Location gained unknown, was bought off a player shop. Seems to be unisex like other bags, have yet to confirm it.) [2x2]
Cloth Dye Parts:
(For RG color blind, part C is the ribbon.)

Astrologer Outfit Shopping Bag (F)
obtained from Music Q Gachapon [2x2]

Eluned Gym Teacher Sneakers (F)
Location gained unknown, bought from player shop.
Cloth Dye Parts:

Examples of Outline Rendering Off:

Fluffy Puppy Bag
fb1bc7fa0a774faa944a89bdf3bddb3d.pngb2446da0f0ba432da47933df87d9ca43.png 91fd7b2c216f47d9a316cc1728d7a1fa.png

Eluned Gym Teacher Sneakers (F)


  • ShoogShoog
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    edited January 30, 2017
    For those not familiar with the Wiki's policies, you may want to check out their policy page here. They are a bit particular on how images should be taken. Example, when I originally started submitting images of items, I didn't realize that outline rendering needed to be turned off in my game settings because I didn't pay close attention to their policy page when I initially read it. Shortly after, I had a staff member PM me requesting that I resubmit images with that setting turned off. Here's an example of an outfit that I submitted images for last year.

    Hope this helps a bit!
  • Darkpixie99Darkpixie99
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    edited January 28, 2017
    Thanks Shoog! Looks like I did have outline rendering on, so all my screenshots might be better used as examples on how a screenshot should flow.

    And now that all the editing is done, just look how properly I did everything wrong! My poor OP may be a bit cluttered and full though...
  • HardmuscleHardmuscle
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    edited January 30, 2017
    @Shoog - The link for your submission example is broken, lol. (your link, not the one below).☺
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