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Large Buying/Selling List

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Posts: 15
edited July 20, 2018 in Tarlach Marketplace
Hello, I'm buying and selling the following items. Open to offers and trades. Note IGN "Nguyensky". Thanks!

Pets, Warp Imps
Glimmering Golden Supplement

Bohemian Hat F 3/0
Bohemian shoes F 2/2
Thames Armor 2/1
Thames Gauntlet 2/0
Wizard Suit for Men 3/3
Wizard Suit for Women 3/3
Stitched Long Robe Armor
Flight Attendant Outfit

Leather Long Bows (Black Handle)
Leather Long Bows (Black and Red)
Lightning Wand

(Deadly) Lightning Wand
(Revolver) Crossbow
(Lich) Dustin Silver Knight Swords


Lightless Metal Fragment x31
Jagged Soul shard
Subzero coolant x3
Broken Ring Frame x27
Broken Emblem x12
Resilient Ebony
Frosted Borealis Crystal
Rusted Seal chain

Apostle Ring x2
Apostle Leather x3
Apostle's Shining Shards x15

Demonic Ore Fragment
Demonic Claw x4
Demonic Scale Fragments x27
Demonic Firewood

Dragon Bone Fragment x4
Dragon Flesh

Cheap Leather 2k/Stack
Common leather 5k/stack

HP 100 10k/stack
Stam 100 5k/Stack
Maple Seed (30 Stamina Food) 1k per Stack

Advanced Phoenix Feathers 8k Each
Party Phoenix Feathers 5k Each

Thunder Skill Page Set 1-5
Secrets to Healthy Living (Rest 7=>8) x2

Shock Pages 2, 10 - 5k Each
Shock 9
Exploration 2
Ice Spear 4

Music Bottles C & G
Empty Treasure Chest

Flashy Dyes 10k (Dye well)
Random Synthesized Dyes 30k-100k

Long Oven
Vulpecula Mobile
Mini Phoenix
Base Herb
Food Kiosk

Alban Training Stones:
Trainees 6
Party Puppetry 150% EXP

Shy Confession HP 81

Lylwelyn Mini Gem
GEMS 500g per cm
Regular Gem Powder x31
Ego Spirits 1k
Poison Potion 5k/stack
Holy Water 25k/stack
Kana Library Outfit

Sephirot Arrow x1000 for 400k
Special Arrow Bundles (500) 5k Each
Finest Handment Ballista Handbolts 4 stacks

Ice Elementals 2k/stack
Lightning Elementals 2k/stack