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Merge Renown and NPC Intimacy into one system

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edited May 27, 2019 in Feedback and Suggestions

Merge Renown, NPC Intimacy, and Part-time Job systems into a unified "NPC Journal". It will be ONE unified system that tracks an NPC's feelings toward you and any benefits from that relationship (stat bonuses, secret shop access, quest unlocks, shop discounts). Befriend an NPC by giving them gifts, performing actions they appreciate (like the current renown tasks), having good conversations with them, completing their Part-time Jobs, purchasing their goods or services, and many more methods. With this system, befriending an NPC will become less grindy and more intuitive thanks to the various methods made available.


1. New "NPC Journal" tab in character window. Here, list all NPCs the player has met (sortable). Click on an NPC entry to see:
- Intimacy level.
- Daily intimacy limit.
- Part-Time Job counter.
- NPC benefits if you have achieved any.
- Brief description of NPC and what impress them.

2. Intimacy Levels (from lowest to highest, all npc start at 'Indifference'):
Revulsion - Hostility - Contempt - Dislike - Annoyance - Indifference - Cordial - Friendly - Close - Confidante - Intimate - Incorporation

3. How to raise intimacy:
- Gifts, especially on NPC's birthday. (store-bought items, gems, what else?)
- Complete their PTJs or PTJs that involve that NPC.
- Good conversations.
- Doing business with them. Buying, selling, repairing, upgrading, healing, and any other similar action.
- Performing various actions in Erinn that the NPC likes. Jamming to music, gathering from nature, killing things. (basically renown tasks)

4. NPC benefits:
- Business benefits, including secret shop access, shop & services discount.
- Personal stat benefits, including HP/MP/SP increase, crit%, movement speed increase, reduced dura loss, cp modifications (higher or lower).
- Progression accelerators, meaning the buffs from coloured prisms but on a much smaller scale.
- Misc benefits, including receiving gifts from NPC, going on dates with the NPC, unlocking quests (for lore and fun, or for skills and storyline)
- Dialogue and attitude changes aren't exactly a benefit, but they will happen as you become friendlier (or colder) with an NPC.

Details (daily limit, intimacy loss, likeability potions)

There will be a daily limit on how much you can raise an NPC's intimacy, represented visually by a progress meter. This is to prevent jumping from indifference to max intimacy in 2 minutes.

You can also lose overall intimacy levels, either from loss of intimacy over time or from directly mistreating an NPC. The highest overall intimacy level you've ever reached per NPC will be recorded. Recovering lost intimacy back to its all-time highest will be relatively easy and will not count toward the daily intimacy limit. Only when you are back to maximum and start pushing the max intimacy higher will you start filling that daily progress meter (the daily intimacy limit).

Likeability potions are a relationship-fixer and a time-saving shortcut. As a fixer, one potion will recover a lot of "lost" intimacy. As a shortcut, one likeability potion will totally fill the meter for an NPC's daily intimacy limit.

**Edited to work in likeability potions based on poll feedback.
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