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edited July 12, 2018 in Help
My Royal Knight Armor, chain slasher, rk boots, neamhain's necklace, my wedding ring, my phoenix feather helmet, and rk gauntlets vanished after a loading screen into shadow wizard elite! Idk what to do! I checked everywhere! They aren't in lost and found and i didn't drop them! Everything that was on my main equipment is just GONE!


  • ShiroisoulShiroisoul
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    Also worth noting, i relogged and they still aren't there!
  • KttyKtty
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    Are they personalized? If so they could be in your 'Me' inv tab. If your absolutely sure they're not anywhere in your inventory then I would suggest submitting a support ticket to get them back. Be sure to specify the date/time (as close as possible) and add screen shots of all your inventory etc.. to show that they deffinitely aren't there. The more detail the better/sooner your chances of getting replacements.
  • FerghusTheBlacksmithFerghusTheBlacksmith
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    Same thing happened to me a while back. I clicked to use "Charge" with a chain blade and bow equipped and my equipment vanished. I dug around and found them in my Extra Equipment Tab.


    Have you tried to click this?