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Will there ever be MA buffs to old Enchants

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edited July 16, 2018 in General Chat
At this point, I dont even think Mana Hammer is worth it's Rank3
For example in the past 25int = 1MA but now its 5int = 1MA

The value of MA has gone down significantly.

Max roll Mana Hammer is 5 MA

5MA = 125 int in the past
5MA = 25 int now

The max MA achievable on gloves is +7 MA

However with max damg enchants, we see between +20-40 max which applies to everything

For normal weapons it would mean 50-100 Strength worth of max
Dual guns 100-200 Strength worth of max

MA enchants are super behind max damage enchants


  • GTCvActiumGTCvActium
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    Probably not since the meta game is pretty much all max damage and physical damage. Humans are FH happy, Elves are mag spam happy, and giants are FS spam happy. Which is sad because I really enjoy the lore and story that magic has in the world. Too bad super auto regenerating enemies negate magic's damage.