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Dyes/Color Palettes

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Hello! I was wondering if we could ever change the color palette, from the regular dye amps, and add more colors to it? Or just add in more of these colors into every gacha so they're not so rare. Colors like the burgandy #330000 or the special colors from the special dye sets, are so hard to come by. We should include more colors, that are not available in game, in more of these gachas or methods within the game. Like if the regular dye palette was expanded with these colors. Reg dyes would be more popular, synthing flashies could give chances of giving them. and direct dyes would also have these expanded palettes.
It'd be nice to see these hard to come by colors be more common instead of them going out of existence.

(if there are other exclusive dyes I didn't name, you should mention theres probably a couple qq)