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See Through Cocktail Dress Pattern

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edited August 1, 2018 in Feedback and Suggestions
The new erg system introduced new patterns for most of the erg breakthrough at level 30, but not all old patterns that are required are easily obtainable. The new patterns drop almost every other run from the new Tagar and Turtle raids and can easily be farmed out, all the while patterns like the See Through Cocktail Dress have to be found via chance via a chance. They have to be dropped from an end chest at the end of Guardian of Parthenon (Hardmode) which requires you to use a secret pass that is dropped at a low rate from other dungeons.

You cannot advance to 30 Erg breakthrough for Knuckles without it.

My recommendation, add the rest of the patterns to the same raid, or increase the rate you find the passes for the runs. To put it bluntly, its quite unfair for users who have to find this pattern to advance. So far it has not been confirmed that the pattern actually drops from the mission, however Vivid Casual Suit as well as Vivid Casual Shoes patterns have been documented.
  1. Should old patterns needed for Erg be added to the same new raids, as other patterns?22 votes
    1. Yes
       77% (17 votes)
    2. No
       5% (1 vote)
    3. Don't Care
       18% (4 votes)


  • BloonkBloonk
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    Bumping this old post because this pattern is ridiculously rare. GoP hard passes are also just as rare. been stuck at erg 30 knuckles for months. really wish nexon would just put it in a gacha or something.