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Hotkeys issues; Unable to Launch Steam.

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edited August 13, 2018 in Technical Support

A little background, first:

Yesterday afternoon, I was playing Mabi and experienced extreme lagging issues. Seeking to fix the issue by reconnecting, I disabled my WiFi as usual and reconnected to the source.
Doing that usually does not disconnect me from the game, but it did this time.

After that, I never logged back in and left for the day.

Fast forward to today: I attempt to launch Steam (how I usually log in to Mabi) and the program never opens. It instead launches "steamerrorreporter.exe" and then that also closes. Nothing else happens.

So, I log into the game via Nexon's Launcher and I am successful, only all my hotkeys are gone, my Extra Hotkeys slots are invisible and unclickable, and my inventory has all its bags closed and windows rearranged upon opening.
No problem, I can just redo everything -- except logging out resets it all again.

How do I fix this issue?

Disregard the above, I figured it out.