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Account deactivated for no reason a year ago

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in Technical Support
A year ago, my account was deactivated for absolutely no reason. I had left my mabi running for a while by accident, and was kicked out during maintenance. When I got back into playing mabi, I found out my account was deactivated. When I tried to get it back, I was asked for Birth Certificate, Driver's license, passport, photo copy of parents id, OR a government employee id. I'd asked for alternatives, because that seems like a lot of personal information to be giving out when I'd simply just like my account back. I miss my friends and had the acievement for having over 50 pets.

They asked for my Steam ID, which I was unable to get at the time, and I grew busy, so I wasn't able to get back to the messages. They also asked the same questions pretty often. "Name," " Birthday. " Despite being told in a previous message.

Is it time for me to accept that I have completely lost my account for no reason?

Some characters/pets on the account:
yellowmellow (Yellow sprite, Tarlach)
Stargazerpo (Silver fox, Tarlach)
Torikku (Human, Tarlach)
Foxybrandy (Human, Tarlach, Paladin)
Frostedpine (Ice dragon, Tarlach)
Brandys (Elf, Tarlach)
Endlessecho (Elf, Tarlach)
Shamew (Unused, Giant, Tarlach)
blackfoot707 (Black wolf, Tarlach)

I could list more, and provide in-game screenshots (once I am back to my computer, which won't be for a few days.)


  • KttyKtty
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    The reason Nexon asks for such info Is to look up what was used when creating the account and verify that you are indeed the individual who created/used that account and not someone else looking to steal it, claiming to be the account creator. The reason they will ask for that info ea time you deal with them is they don't keep it and only use it to verify at the time you are dealing with them (providing that you can give enough that they know they will be giving access to the correct person).