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Gacha Additions

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edited September 9, 2018 in General Chat
Recently I have pieced together that there are some issues with the required patterns in the Erg System. Some patterns can only be obtained via Secret Missions whose passes have an abysmal drop rate to start with. To alleviate this and make it a bit more fair on those who don't get their passes from Tagar or Turtle raids...

I suggest we either add in the following passes permanently to the Eweca Orb and all future revamps of, or released the 99 cent Gachapon that contained the passes on a regular basis.

Red Dragon in the Shadow Realm (Hard/Int/Basic)
Secret of the Underground Waterway (Hard/Int/Basic)
Guardian of Parthalon (Hard/Int/Basic)
  1. Should these passes be more readily available?6 votes
    1. Yes.
       50% (3 votes)
    2. Heck YEAAAH!
       50% (3 votes)