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Are the cities always this empty?

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edited September 17, 2018 in Mari Chat
I know there's a fishing event, so is it because of that or? There are maybe 5 people in dunby and even less in belvast. It's bad enough that the Auction house killed all the shops, but where did the people go?

There used to be geared people standing in those cities most of the time, and given they might have been afk, but it still made the cities look way more lively than now. And yes I'm on CH1.

So is this the normal picture now or is it because of the event? I haven't been online in half a year, a lot of things changed it seems.


  • ArtemisDreamArtemisDream
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    edited September 18, 2018
    Before the fishing event, Belvast 1 was pretty busy, I think a lot of the people are afk fishing on mains/alts to take advantage of the event. I was at Belvast 1 just the other day(like the 11th or 12th) and while it wasn't packed(i remember once barely being able to move in Dunbarton 1), there were a lot of shops floating around and people. Granted, most of them were probably AFK getting puck spins anyways.
  • GTCvActiumGTCvActium
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    I'll admit that I stopped using shops when AH became a thing. Mabi has a stability issue and I often get DC'd so setting up shop becmes a major hassle. Plus since I do a lot of Avalon raids, having a shop tie me down is annoying.
  • KensamaofmariKensamaofmari
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    Market areas are usually still busy most of the time, but a lot more people do go to where the events are and do raids.
    There's a lot more places for people to be in nowadays, so they're not always in the places of old.

    Tir is also a decent hangout a lot of times. See a good amount of people there throughout the summer.