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Small buying list, Large selling list

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edited October 16, 2018 in Mari Marketplace
Will update as I sift through the endless sea of pets and alts.
Please note or add Marence and explain to me that I have a forum post because I'll likely forget like a dumb.

Celtic Edge Knuckle
Languhiris Chaser (Knuckle)
Brilluen Tail Outfit (F)
Cosmic Princess Dress
Eluned Fledgling Assassin Outfit (F)
Composite Shield
One-handed Sword Stance Card
Dye amps
Turban Shell Armor (F)
Turban Shell Helmet (F)




Admiral's Coat (M)


#990000 x1 (Blood Red)
#00FFEE x4 (Neon Cyan)
#FF6200 x4 (Neon Orange)
#5800C4 x1 (Neon Purple)
#9C00FF x1 (Neon Pink/Purple?)
#FF5454 x2 (Salmon) *NEW*
#006EFF x1 (Weird Baby Blue)
#9F56A2 METAL x1 (Purple/Pink)
#FF3300 METAL x1 (Neon Orange)
#F0E68C METAL x1 (The inside of a banana)
#D1D734 METAL x1 (The outside of a banana)
Black -> lime green flashy METAL


Golden Repair Hammer x4
Special Tendering Potion S x4
Unlimited Shadow&Dungeon passes x4
2x Combat EXP potions (kill exp, not skill exp) (3x 2 hour)
Manus Brand Disinfectant
Fifth Dork Crystal
Second Dork Crystal
Golden Experience Fruit (500%)


Mischievous Cat Mouth Coupon x2
Succubus Fiend Eyes Coupon
Innocent Bright Eyes Coupon
Ophelia Hair Beauty Coupon
Playful Teasing Mouth Coupon
Wavelet Twin Tail Beauty Coupon
Active Hair Beauty Coupon x2

Cheap Silk x300
Finest Silk x300
Infernal Blade Fragment x3
Runestone of Daring
Resilient Ebony x3

========Pet Dyes========
#D3D3D3 x2
#0000CD x1

Homestead Pumpkinface Mansion
Homestead Halloween Pumpkin Flagstone (Whole)
Homestead Bamboo Fence
Homestead Red Rose Flower Box
Homestead Rapa Flower Patch (Partial)

Ancient Magic Powder x1 *NEW*
Blue Upgrade Stone x?? *NEW*
One Handed Blunt Weapon Stance Card
Thunder 4 x5
Rose Garden Swing