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Saint Guardian's Box Guide

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edited December 6, 2018 in Game Guides
Hey just wanted to make a guide on what you should probably look out for in the new Saint Guardian's Box!
Check it out here:
I could go on and on about how cool everything looks in this gacha, but I'm just going to talk about their value in in-game combat, especially to new players.

New Enchantable Wings:
all of the new saint guardian wings are enchantable! if you can find an Icarus Enchant and are trying to make a bard set or a Stork's Enchant for more max, this may be a good time to get some enchantable wings. Or maybe not, because these wings are so cool looking they might outprice the older enchantable wings!
Icarus, Stork's, parrotbill, tail feather, and crest are all in this gacha. Tail Feather and Crest are suffixes that you can pair with Icarus or Stork, but Parrotbill is a pretty subpar prefix only giving 10 int and mp.

Saint Guardian's Set
A very cool set, and great if you're looking to make your first set of gear because the pieces ALL come pre-r1, and some come pre enchanted with good enchants.

The Armor piece comes in a heavy and light armor version much like the Abyss Dragon Armor that came out recently (we're going to be comparing these sets a lot.) the heavy armor will make you more tanky, but it will lower your dex if you are not a giant. Dex may or may not be important to you, depending on if you use chainblade, ranged, or puppetry. if you are a giant, the heavy armor is better 100%.

The armor also comes with Damage Absorption +2~4. This is a Set Effect, meaning you will need 10 to get the full bonus. the boots and gloves this effect is actually already in the game on Colossal Valiance Armor, which is only available to giants. what the set actually does is gives you a small chance to reduce the damage from a single hit to 1 damage. I'm not sure the proc chance for this, but I believe it's something like 10%. But is there any real value to this?

If you havn't done any research into the next patch: g22 Apocalypse building to be tankier can actually be pretty rewarding. not only is the new dungeon very difficult, new skills are being added that reward you for having more damage reduction, like being able to activate advanced heavy standard and gaining 10,000 temporary HP. so if you don't care for any of those Dex related skills, and playing a tanky human or giant appeals to you, go for it! (not recommended if you are an elf, however. just get the light armor.)

Ok I've talked about absorption for way too long. What's really important is ATTACK SPEED 10 INCREASE. Final hit, ranged combat, dual guns, these are all greatly enhanced by attack speed. You used to have to make a set with lamellar or Chinese dragon to get the set bonus, but now with ONE PIECE OF GEAR U CAN BE SUPER FAST. So yeah, if that appeals to you you should consider picking the armor up.

The Head Piece This also comes in a light and heavy armor version, but unlike the armor it's just aesthetic and their stats are the same. one just has a ponytail. whats really important is Movement Speed 10 increase normally something only obtainable on fleet feet and abyss dragon armor this speed increase can now be in your head slot! is it as good as the attack delay 10 from abyss dragon horns? not even close, but not everybody has 100M to burn on those, so these are a nice alternative!

Gauntlets and Boots these also come with 2~4 absorption increase. which means you can get the absorption 10 with 3 pieces of saint guardian gear. the gloves sometimes come with Solo Camo enchanted on them, boots can come with solo butterfly. Solo is valuable, and I wouldn't be surprised if people burn these items just for those enchants, but it won't be cheap. camo and butterfly are also respectable enchants, just not nearly as rare. these are items you can keep for a long time and then slap Backbreaking or Symbolic on when u can afford to.

Celtic Weapons
These also came out of Imperial Commander Box 6 months ago. Not exactly crafted quality, but they do come pre-r2 and enchanted. if you're a human, you will appreciate the Celtic Royal Knight Swords, as making a pair yourself can be pretty pricey. Giants get your hands on a Celtic Royal Warrior Axe. New elves can use Celtic's not quite as good a Celtic Royal Crossbow, but it should fill the void for now.

Bard 2nd Titles
Pianissimo, Forte, and Fortissimo are back. these come out of gacha every once and a while, and Fortissimo in particular is the best music buff second title in the game. if you are looking to try making a bard set. definitely get a fortissimo title. pianissimo and forte will be cheaper if you can't quite purchase the big title however.

And that's about all there is worth noting as far as making your character stronger. All-in-all, This is a pretty good gachapon, especially if you're trying to make some new gear for yourself.

However, before buying gachapon you should always look at the Gachapon List and Rates tab on the page, which they have added for the first time this gachapon! I know you probably want those sick new Animated Wings, but its 99% more likely you will get something else! Be careful and spend wisely :)

I hope you appreciated my guide! If I got anything wrong, or you disagree with my opinions, please let me know in a comment!