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Mabinogi's "Abnormal Disconnection" Issue

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in Technical Support
So apparently Mabi wants to keep disconnecting me every time I enter the Holiday Math Dungeon, so now I've lost all my dungeon passes for the day. Is this a common issue or is it just me?


  • GiegueGiegue
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    This isn't a common issue, I do know that Mabi can be very volatile on unstable connections and the slightest blip will cause it to crash. Ensure that your internet is stable using Internet Speed testing websites, and if using Wi-Fi, consider switching to Ethernet, as I hear a lot of stories about Christmas Lights interfering with WiFi signals.

    Speaking of christmas, Due to the holiday season, Mabinogi hasn't had it's weekly maintenance, and this will cause a little more lag to occur than usual, I had an old fashioned NPC crash yesterday. Try tweaking with the "fast loading" option in your game settings and see if it makes a difference, and if all of these issues persist, try to repair the installation of your game Via the Launcher. It's possible a file for the Math dungeon wasn't installed properly in your client. Hope these troubleshooting tips help.
  • cdnmpmscdnmpms
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    I do NOT quite agree. It may not be common to any specific login, but in general, it can happen. How often an abnormal disconnection may occur is hard to say. I only know that at the moment, my connection can stop more than once a day, and as of what can possibly be done about it is currently unknown to me; I hope I can find some satisfying solution soon because repeated relogging is meticulous, time-consuming work. I do not know if it may have to do with the server I am using, but I have observed animation standstills or delays shortly before the connection broke down.
  • GretaGreta
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    edited May 5, 2020
    Your post is irrelevant to the OP's old issue. Don't necro-bump old threads.