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Looking for a guild.

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edited January 21, 2019 in Guild and Party Recruitment
But not just any guild. I'm sick of joining guilds with all of these overpowered 20k total players. It is not fun to be carried, at least for me.
I am an oldschool veteran, been playing the game since g2 or g3. However, i've taken many hiatus', changed characters, and even swapped servers.. so im not as strong as i should be. I have a human, elf and giant all around 2.5k. however, my main (the one i play daily and 100% focus on) is a giant. She's sitting at about 4k total. Specialize in combat and taking, im a great support. So ideally id like to join a guild where everyone (or at least the active ones) are around 4k. I play daily, and love dungeons; but im down for anything really.

If there are no guilds that meet this requirement, im not oppossed to making one myself either. Thanks for taking the time to read my wall of text :x
Look forward to hearing from ya'll


  • Robby00Robby00
    Mabinogi Rep: 200
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    Hi Vasumati, what's your in game name? I'll send you a note.
  • skpkionskpkion
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    If you haven't joined one yet, Quodlibet and Dualshock look like decent guilds.

    Dualshock was a bit quiet when I was a member a while ago but I think they were trying to revive (idk how active they are atm though).

    I also heard from a friend that the leader of Quodlibet is a really nice end gamer that can craft anything for you, and they have a lot of lower level members with op looking gear. Both guilds have really strong people but are also the type that like helping new and low level players so you could look into them.
  • KambiiKambii
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    Would you be interested in joining my guild LOTUSS?
    We're a newly created guild with only a few members at the moment, oriented towards helping newcomers! We also have many people around the 2-4k total range, so we could all level and train together! :D
  • VasumatiVasumati
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    edited February 8, 2019
    hey thanks for the replies all. i still have not joined a guild yet. (wasn't ac tive because i got caught up in resident evil2). My IGN is Vasumati. i will look into some of these options, thanks!