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LF> 3 More people to run Alby Adv HM Detail inside

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in Guild and Party Recruitment
Hi there,
As of this posting time I have 5 Alby Advanced Hard-mode passes that will expire in 5Days 20Minute (x2), 4Days 22Hours 40Minutes (x4).

I'm looking for 3 more people to run them all, people who know what to do and not messing around, who won't quit halfway.
It is nothing personal but, I don't care if you have to go sleep, go work or whatever, your partner called to dump you/ divorce you.
If you have something to do or might possibly prevent you from doing ONE FULL run (All the way to the boss & finish the boss) DO NOT JOIN.

Each run can take from potentially from 30 minutes ~ 1 hour 30 minutes. Seriously If you don't have 2 Hours of free time DON'T BLOODY JOIN and QUIT HALFWAY.
I will try and start the run as soon as possible once we have all 4 members ready.

That aside I have 3 runs worth (12 yarn key chest) I'm planning to use, which means there will be 2 runs (8 yarn key chest) where you guys can decide to open all boxes or not with your own larva keys,
All I am looking for are 3 things, Amplified Alchemy Crystal, Ruptured Black Metal, Shining Crystal Shard.

I'm willing to split the profit /or/ Exchange any of the loots in exchange for any of the three mats stated above if found in other Party Member's Chest (Detail will be discussed in person).

Lastly this isn't anything against people who aren't familiar with Alby HM monsters, players who have lower combat capability. But if you die in the process of fighting them a lot, DO NOT JOIN. Not only will it put stress on other party members because of the run being longer, but also to avoid any potential conflict between players that might occur.

Sorry for the try-hard sounding tedious post, if anyone is still interested after reading what I typed please post here and leave a comment with your IGN.
OR PM me IGN: Kuruten

Ps. I'm in PST Time so it'll be nice for those who are interested to consider matching your own time zone to this and plan ahead to make sure you have enough time/ can stay up late to do these runs. Thank you for reading.


  • WorstnoobeverzWorstnoobeverz
    Mabinogi Rep: 955
    Posts: 104
    IGN: Ignorances
    I've done Alby adv hm many time and I'd like to join you. Add me or note whenever you want to do it, I'll come.
  • Kimo159Kimo159
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,810
    Posts: 86
    edited February 8, 2017
    @kuruten I may join too , i have free time for about 4 days but i have a problem with PST as time difference between us is 10 H , so tell me when u will do the quest , to match my time
    And to be honest , i am lvl 800 ( i know it is kinda low , i dont rebirth alot) so choose if u want me or not
    IGN : Alexaminder
  • KurutenKuruten
    Mabinogi Rep: 600
    Posts: 4
    Thanks for replying guys, @Ignorances I will let you know when once i can find two more people.
    @ Alexaminder I'm not the one to say if lvl 800 is too low or not, but if you can handle Elite Level Shadow missions at ease and not die welcome aboard then.
  • WorstnoobeverzWorstnoobeverz
    Mabinogi Rep: 955
    Posts: 104
    Well, I have friends who can run alby adv hm, just need the pass. Whenever you ready, just pm/add.
  • RingabelRingabel
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,030
    Posts: 126
    if you're running on the weekend, may be available if you still need another person.
    > depends on what time you'd planning to do these runs though, since I'm Australian ( so about 17+ hours time difference from PST )

    but ign is Ringabe1.
    don't usually run alby hm since idk that many people, but I'm semi-familiar with it.
    > 5k, mage/warrior main. will probably be relying on cc firebolt / lightning rod

    also have a support puppet for orb rooms if that helps.