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Jari's Art Shop is now open! :D

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edited March 23, 2019 in Art Creations
Hi, this is Jarirae13 from the ruairi server! I'm finally opening an art shop here on mabi! (*coughs* after like procrastinating on it for like 3 months)

*I'll probably only work on one commission at a time, so I sent them out as I get finish with them.
*I'm not comfortable drawing explicit nudity, but everything else is free game. I'll let you know if I don't feel comfortable drawing something that is not listed.
* CURRENTLY, I'm only opening up line art section. I don't have enough colored examples for each of the sections yet (Yes, I know; procrastinating even more xD)

Server: Ruairi
IGN: Jarirae13
Discord: Jarirae#7751 (Discord's probably the fastest :D)
Or post on the forums -b

Just file in an ordering form if you wanna commission

Forum name/IGN:
Commission Type: (Chibi, Headshot, etc... + detail background, extra character, really detailed armor, etc...)
Payment: (Currently taking gold and paypal! $1=1mil, unless someone updates the rates for me x-x)
Character Info: (From the personality of your character to maybe some lore about him/her, this helps a lot in giving me ideas for expressions and posing, unless you want something specific)
Details:(^^ Anything specific you want)

Line art
Chibi - $10
Headshot - $10
Torso - $15
Full body - $25

Colored(Opening after a while!)

"Really detailed armor" - +$5
Fullbody + "Really deatiled armor" kL3cpVC.jpg
Extra character - Line art: Chibi($8), Headshot($8), Torso($12), Full body($20)

  1. So, I'm still kinda confused on pricing my art thus far. Should I lower my current line art prices?9 votes
    1. Yeahhhh, they're a tab bit on the high side.
       11% (1 vote)
    2. Nope, they are good -b
       89% (8 votes)