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Make the server tags render as cute emoticons

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edited May 10, 2019 in Feedback and Suggestions
People tend to not like their names being changed like that I think but of course we all know it's necessary, Mabinogi was built to require that names be unique.

Instead, why not make the tags something nicer that people would like?

I'm thinking, in all places where the name is displayed, the system could render the server tag as the face of the respective hero instead of as a gross-looking tag. It could be something like the second titles but probably a little bit smaller, and it would render right next to the name. It would also render the emote in chat, friends list/PMs, notes, mail, etc. If you mouse over it it could show "+Alexina" like second titles do. And when you need to enter in someone's name to add them as a friend, send a note, whisper them, etc. you would write out "Kadalyn+Alexina" to do so.

I mocked some images but Alexina's face didn't scale well. I'm aware Alexina isn't merging but that's the server I'm on so I used her!!



Since if it was done right it would be cute and unique, and future people wouldn't be able to obtain them, they could actually be regarded as desirable this way.

This could be done by amending the text renderer directly to do so, which would allow people to type +Mari or whatever in chat to show the emote normally, which could also be cool! And it could possibly be extended in the future (to cover more emotes) if devs felt like that would be a good idea. Alternatively, they could just be custom glyphs in the user area of the font, since Mabi has full unicode support now. They don't necessarily need to be graphical if it's easier to just do a textual glyph, but I think graphical would be preferable.


  • HelsaHelsa
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    Great idea, maybe have the icon show when pressing Alt, that shows cards right now, since there is more space there. This will require Korea to write new code.

    Since the present partial merge is a bad idea as described here, I would rather that Nexon postpone the merge for a full one later, done correctly, which could include this idea as well.
  • DragoolfireDragoolfire
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    Yes to image no to postpone.
  • AmarazAmaraz
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    Very nice idea.