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Inv Clearout & Buying List

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edited May 18, 2019 in Mari Marketplace
Hey y'all, I'm coming back after a long break and need to get rid of a lot of stuff! Send all offers via note or message to Doreo :)

Prod Items
Cheap/Common/Fine/Finest leather
Emerald cores
Myst herb powder
Huge armor frag
Blackened blade frag
Tough thread
Ancient magic powder

Scathach wig
Scathach wig w earrings
Phoenix earmuff

Beauty Coupons
Heart filled eyes
Serene eyes
Emaciated eyes
Observant eyes
Determined eyes
Stargazing eyes
Maike hair (M)
Sporty cut (M)
Ophelia hair (F)
Paris hair (M)
Cute animal mouth
Dissatisfied mouth
Super sour mouth
Playful teasing mouth

Gems- Tons of gems (no diamonds) 5k/cm

Siren mini dress
Eirawen dress
Crinoline shoes
#FFCFE9 pink dyes 100k mail