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Some important sever merge questions...

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in General Chat
After reading the announcement, most of my questions were answered. However, a few questions still remain...

!. How will the merge affect those that lag/play on old computers? Will the lag get worse with more players in a single server or stay the same?

2. What will happen to players that have limited edition hairstyles (Vocaloid/Maid/etc.)? Will we keep the hairstyles or will they be erased?

3. How will the merge affect the dressing room of players that have characters on multiple servers? (Example: "Playername" on the Mari server and "Playername" on the Tarlach server both have a Tri-color robe in their dressing room)

4. If a Player decides to change their name or loses their name to someone that sniped it, how will this affect players that are married?

That's all the questions I have right now. I may post more questions if I can't find the answers.


  • AquasolAquasol
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    Due to existing/potential FUD, this thread will be closed, my apologies.

    I imagine more answers to questions will be coming as the date draws nearer, but one thing is for certain— spreading panic and trying to speak on behalf of Nexon without authority helps no one.
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