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[Suggestions] Inn building revamped Project

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edited May 24, 2019 in Feedback and Suggestions
----Goal & Concept----

Just as everyone know there is an inn in Tir Chonaill that barely have people visit it, So we can put a service like the real inn for them.

Purpose of this suggestion is to create support function for fresh start new player that just start play with or without a help from party or guild for the time being before or after get to know them.
And reuse the building in the form of inn or rental room that already have from the start to add some more element to fantasy life, bard and adventuring of the game concept.

Mixing together with real life culture to get the feeling of nostalgia atmosphere like we are at home, And give variety of benefit that support player in either combat or life action.
In my opinion is the best for the player that still have lower rank in Catering, Tasting, and Cooking skill and short on gold.
----How thing work----

After player found a suitable in to stay they just need to talk with the owner inside the inn and buy a room package from them. And will get an item “*Color* Room Key” the color indicate by the Level of the room Copper, Silver, Mythril.

By the time player using the entrance they will enter single mode, but they can also buy “Multiplayer random mode” with NPC the “Lobby window” will pop up showing the on-standby player nearby. Or party with another player and buy the package at NPC they will got a key and teleport to the room after finish buy the package.

Player will be give sentence amount of “Point” by the level of the room and 6 “Inn Coin” necessary item to activate prop when they check-in to use the service. And will be give "Fitness Entry Pass" when check-in for level 3 package.
The buff Duration will divide by the price of room player rent by 15 / 20 / 30 min.

-Choose your service-
By put in the “Inn Coin” in the slot indicated to the prop in that room and press the button the player will be able to choose how much point they want to spend on it, by press the button one will take the point assigned on the button but there will have a reset button to reallocate the point spend again.
After finish assign all the point, press “Start” to process with the service prop that player choose and need to wait until the animation come to an end, And the buff will be grants after check-out.
And if player buy level 3 room they will be accessible to “Fitness Zone”.
Player can use Tin can telephone / Normal phone / Bell method categories by room level to contract NPC in order to change the room package and call for transporter to drop off at another inn or Shadows mission Stonehenge.

Or check-out by use the front door of the room they stay in to drop off at the last check-in inn location, by the way there will be an messenger recruiting player into the raid field.

Player will get a “Souvenir Badge” 1ea and by saving up 10 of them will be able to exchange it into random color “*Color* Inn Gift Set”.

And there will be bonus benefit when they have a bad weather by this bonus will be applies to overall buff from the prop later after check-out.
----Buff detail----

- Cleanness (50 point per 100 Max HP/MP/SP & 34 Regenerate. Purification) *Purification (once at use)*
Wash Bucket & Towel, Hot spring, Jacuzzi

- Hunger = (STR + 50 per 50 point.)
Solid bread & Chess, Japanese food set, Luxury Dinning table

- Reading Entertain (DEX + 50 per 50 point.)
News paper, Magazine corner, Grand Book shelf

- Relaxation (WILL + 50 per 50 point.)
Straw stack, Kotatsu, Balcony Aperitif table

- Board game zone (INT + 50 per 50 point.)
Reverse, Shougi, Chess

- Rain gear (Def & mDef+20 per 50 point.)
Giant lotus leaf, Umbrella, Sturdy raincoat

- Fitness Zone (Private Room / Map.)
Sandbag *Attack delay reduce X%*
Treadmill *Movement speed 3%*
Hand gripper *Ranged Aim speed x%*
Massage chair *Magic casting speed x%*
*Player will be give “Fitness Entry Pass” when Check-in Lv3 room and only able to use only one item in the room.*

- Entertainment Zone (Public Room / Map) (Luk+50 per 50 point.)
Pinball, Crane game, Whac-A-Mole
*Arcade Mini-game Accessible by any level of room And have Single or multiplayer mode. Player still able to play even if out of Point but still request “Inn coin”*

Player will have a chance to get a “Free *Color* Service Token” to get One-time free room service, the color of the token indicate the Level of the room Copper, Silver, Mythril.

This is the only prop that don't not have limit coin spend so player can use the left over coin here, for a chance to get another reward.

----Etiquette Mastery & SSR Meter----

For the level 2 and 3 room in multiplayer mode there will be a time that cut scene occur in the middle of animation when player interacted the prop, And let player decides on how to behave/Fix in random situation that will happen at that moment.
SSR Meter (Staff Satisfied Reaction) will appear and indicate the mood of an inn employee in which choice that player choose to fix that situation.
The SSR point that applies on player will decreases the same way as likability for NPC.
*Hint the SSR meter will effect the operate (Animation) speed and the mood of the inn owner and employee later for the next service.*
If most of the player choose the right choice all player include the one with wrong choice will all get more benefit applies from overall buff again later.
And the best party that always choose the right choice will be give a honor to be record on the special Honored guest book, Different from single player that will not have Etiquette Mastery.

----Room detail----
The accessible prop and the Entrance categories by the room level and the building type. And level of the room will effect how long animation time will be play.

- Room LV1 Price 5,000 gold, Animation 60 second, Buff duration 15 minute.
Given point : 500 Point.
Accessible Prop
-Wash Bucket & Towel
-Bread, Cheese and Dry meat
-News paper
-Straw stack
-Giant lotus leaf
-Tin can telephone

- Room LV2 Price 10,000 gold, Animation 300 second, Buff duration 20 minute.
Given point : 750 Point.
Accessible Prop
-Hot spring
-Japanese food set
-Magazine corner
-Normal phone

- Room LV3 Price 20,000 gold, Animation 600 second, Buff duration 30 minute.
Given point : 1000 Point.
Accessible Prop
-Luxury Dinning table & wine
-Grand Book shelf
-Balcony Aperitif table
-Sturdy raincoat

----How thing work (Detailed version)----
[Single player mode]
-Buy package at NPC.
-Get key Copper, Silver, Mythril + 6 “Inn Coin”.
-Get "Fitness Entry Pass" if buy level 3 room.
-Enter alone by door.
----2.Choose your service----
-Cut-scene play loaded enter the room
-Cut-scene end > player click at any prop "Service Windows" pop up.
-Put "Inn Coin" in slot to active the prop(Status) need, Press the button to select amount of point spend.
*Player need to click at the prop in Fitness Zone the same as Inn Room, The Entertainment Zone will work like Festia mini-game but solo able.*
-Press "Start" to process with the service prop or "Reset" to re-assign the service again and wait till animation end.
-After animation end teleport player to Entertainment Zone that have a door to Fitness Zone.
-By click on the mini-game prop the mini-game windows like Festia will pop up and player can choose single play or wait for another player.
-Choose amount of point player want to spend to get Buff and start play.
-There is a chance that both player will got “Free *Color* Service Token”.
-Player need to enter Fitness Zone them self with a door, And click on prop to get buff .
*level 3 room package requirement to enter Fitness Zone, And only single buff from the whole room player able to obtain*
-After animation end teleport player back to their room to process with check-out.
-Buff applies on player and get x1 "Souvenir Badge".

[Multiplayer random mode]
-Buy package at NPC
-”Lobby windows” pop up like Festia multiplayer mini-game.
-Press ready and wait for another random player and check-in together.
-Get key Copper, Silver, Mythril + 6 “Inn Coin”.
-Get "Fitness Entry Pass" if buy level 3 room.
----2.Choose your service----
-Cut-scene end > player click at any prop "Party Service Windows" pop up.
-Put "Inn Coin" in slot to active the prop(Status) need, Press the button to select amount of point spend.
-Press "Ready" and wait till everyone finish assign their service.
-After everyone ready and wait till animation end.
[Etiquette Scene occur]
-For level 2 & 3 room there will be a chance that Etiquette Scene will occur and the cut-scene will play.
-The Dialog will appear and let player choose the answer that match the situation, The NPC action will show base on the current answer of player.
-After animation end teleport player to Entertainment Zone the same way as single mode.

[Party room mode]
-Party leader Buy package at NPC > Party room.
-Enter room after party leader click Check-in.
-Party member get the same key and 6 “Inn Coin” as party leader room level and “Fitness Entry Pass”.
-Use the same step as Multiplayer random mode.

----Place that suit to be revamped----

The list of best suit tobe made an inn that I survey around Uladh continent. There may still have a lot of place that suit to be made an inn and not occupied by any NPC or in any use.

-Tir Chonaill Inn-
Just as it name say, this inn building is an inspirit for this project. With poster girl and reception(Owner) in the building there is space to place a door to enter to the level 2 Inn Room.
And the outside which if we make a change to it a little bit, It can be use to install a gate for level 1 Inn Room.

-Tir Chonaill Grocery store-
Another place in Tir Chonaill that suit for level 1 Inn Room, Just as the NPC Heledd once say “...try knocking on some door”.

-Druid's house-
The house that local near Taillteann Shadows mission Stonehenge seem like they still have a room to spare for one or two.

-Tara Town Square & Around Erskin Runway-
Two story building around Tara town square and Erskin Runway is the best suit to be made an inn. Not even it near Shadows mission Stonehenge but still serve as a town tourist spot too.

-Belvast Pub-
The door on the second floor of Belvast pub another suited place to be made an inn, Since its local near the map that have stronger monster and the map that relate to generation quest, And there is still a monster that drop trade goods, and Forest Purification mission.


  • HelsaHelsa
    Mabinogi Rep: 19,595
    Posts: 4,004
    Heck make ALL buildings have a purpose. I think it was in Ultima V where merchants would be at their shops during the day, then they'd go home and sleep at night. It doesn't help you fight better but it was some nice world building.
  • MaiaMaia
    Mabinogi Rep: 7,035
    Posts: 897
    Despite the typos I like the detail of the idea. It would definitely be nice to have more enter-able buildings and NPCs/services available at specific locations. I feel like the inn was perhaps initially going to be where you could go heal or replenish something like mana/stamina but like a lot of other things in the game from the early days, it never got completed or revisited.

    It would be nice if more towns had unique services which prompted players to visit a variety of towns more often (besides just repairing or dungeon running for example). Services which were optional but had some benefits like temp stat buffs like what you explained.
  • BlissfulkillBlissfulkill
    Mabinogi Rep: 24,050
    Posts: 2,762
    I like this idea. I guess this will help newer players learn then...Inns and outs of Mabinogi, huh?
  • THICCthighssavelivesTHICCthighssavelives
    Mabinogi Rep: 6,855
    Posts: 790
    I would pay a couple thousand if the inn fully revitalized my character and all my pets. I'm talking full HP/MP/Stam, heal wounds, satiate hunger, remove potion poison, and remove debuffs. This is a big service, especially if it applies to hundreds of pets, so I would be OK with waiting a minute or two for balance purposes (You pay, wait a bit, get revitalized, then leave). There can be an extended sleeping cutscene (non-skippable) OR a playable dream sequence (the faster you clear the dream mission, the faster you can leave). A third possibility is for the wait time to be dependent on how badly 'damaged' you and your pets are.
  • KensamaofmariKensamaofmari
    Mabinogi Rep: 34,385
    Posts: 7,852
    I think the lack of purpose for buildings doesn't attract new people to the game.
    So if they in some way do improve usage of buildings, it will be for the better.
  • THICCthighssavelivesTHICCthighssavelives
    Mabinogi Rep: 6,855
    Posts: 790

    Complicated, but I like it. Even if you removed all the buffs I would still pay a lot just to experience it.

    This inn idea requires about as much content as the entire squires training system. I think you should simplify it by removing the etiquette and staff satisfaction system. I think the existing NPC dialogue system and NPC intimacy system are powerful enough to represent what you want without having to add "SSR system" or "Etiquette Mastery" rank.

    I think each city should have it's own inn with just a single room type, to make things simple and remove room levels and keys colors. If you want to have the best room, go to Tara or Belvast. If you go to Tir or Blago Prairie, you will get a tiny room. You can simplify it more by removing the single vs party options. Instead, the size of the room and number of beds can depend on your party size automatically. If it's just 1 person then just 1 bed appears, if 8 people then 8 beds appear. Different inns can have a maximum occupancy (Tir can only hold 2 people, Tara can hold 8, and all in between).

    I think the fitness zone and entertainment zone can be their own buildings, like a gym and an arcade.