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Please add a unique identifier field

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edited May 30, 2019 in Feedback and Suggestions
There has been a lot of talk about potential name rushes post merge. If an extra field uniquely identifying each character could be added, then repeat character names could be allowed, as this field would no longer be used as the unique identifier. Rather than having the field be something like "Last Name" let it be a unique ID number assigned by the system, similar to the number appended to our account names, rather than one that the user can choose, otherwise the same issue with name uniqueness remains. For example if the names were Tony and Stark then other folks would have to be Toni Stark or Tony Starck, and so on. This is the same situation. But if your character is Tony and your id number is 1248217, then everyone gets to be Tony or even TonyStark if they want. In game, you could send out messages like NMO Tony ID1248217. Implement this then have an event with a free name change and everyone is happy.

Helsa0151 of Alexina