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I'm not new on the forums but it thinks I am?

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in Technical Support
I've been playing this game for 6 years and I haven't been an ACTIVE forum poster but I have been on and off. I've definitely posted multiple times over the years but when I logged on today because the Nao server has screwed up everything with my account and I need help, I can't get help.

Everything I type, any question or comment, vanishes and then there's a chat bubble that says "needs to be approved before posting". I brushed it off at first but it's been hours and when I went to look at my profile theres nothing there. No points, no previous posts, nothing about my posts that had been liked or insightful, nothing at all as if I'm a new user and 6 years worth of chitchat and advice is erased. Was I possibly banned for awhile without noticing? I never got any kind of e-mail or warning and I can't imagine what it could have been over? Did the Nao server merge also reset the forums?


  • ShoogShoog
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    When was the last time you visited/logged into the forums? Has this happened only recently or have you been away for a couple years?