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Pet Whistles Vs Pet Character Cards

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edited June 5, 2019 in Item/Premium Shop
Can we get the new pets as Cards vs it being Whistles. I still train my pets aggressively to make them the best they can be (For example I have pets with approximately 8 Rebirths from 8 different pets. ( Doing so gives the pet more skills and higher rank skills than they normally can )

I also need more Nimbus cloud pets so I can get rank 1 healing pet. Doing so will give us a nice strong pet in the long run. I am still unsure if (Thunder Spaniel "Thunder" Skill) add stats to my pet but I like to think it does.

I have made a lvl 200 Mimic who is "Stronger" than a "Skeleton" (From dragon ruins) It even say this monster is weak to my mimic yet I am unable to turn the skeleton into a statue. (This mimic is the pet I rebirth like 8 times)

I have a second pet who is also around 7 rebirths and would like to rebirth it into the new pet that just came out but I am unable to because the pet comes as a whistle vs being a pet card.


  • Mabibabi98Mabibabi98
    Mabinogi Rep: 645
    Posts: 13
    I'm really hoping for new pet cards also... Entire time I've been playing they've remained the same so for some time now and I haven't seen an update in the pet cards... >.<
  • TwistedxFateTwistedxFate
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,690
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    It would be nice to see more pets (cards) available for sure, doubt anything will change anytime soon this year