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Nao Server Discord!!

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edited June 9, 2019 in Nao Chat

I've joined a few different Nao server discords, and this is by far the most active one. I'm not a mod on the server or anything special, but I hadn't noticed anyone else sharing it to the forums here yet, so I'm sharing it! There's usually a bunch of people in the voice chat in the evenings and it's really nice here! Come join us!!


  • LuzLightLuzLight
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    The Nao discord server is a very good place to meet various new people from Ruari, Mari, and Tarlach. I am originally from Tarlach and I never knew how many new people are wanting to run dungeons that I was only soloing because of how baren Tarlach was,
    Hope to see you all there c:
  • Angelhappy43Angelhappy43
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    Bump ~