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S> Upgraded Near Max Bhafel Hunter

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Posts: 19
edited June 24, 2019 in Nao Marketplace

The roll is high dur, only 2 off max for max damage (base 41/43 max). Fully upgraded, r5, enchant protected, 3 lines.

Current offer is 95m!

No a/w, still taking offers. Looking for mostly gold though I'll consider items, but I'm not really looking for any so gold is best bet. Including trade unlock is appreciated/good part of offer.

Note Crenia for updates/offers!

I'm moving across the country and driving for a few days (god help me) so I won't be the most active the rest of the week but I'll give updates to anyone who notes me once I have internet access again. Because I won't be online enough to consistently advertise/play the bidding game much, I'd appreciate if you just gave me your best offer! (I mean, you're free to play the bidding game, just I'll get back to you pretty slow about it because I'll be driving for two-three days.)