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Name change was a LIE


  • KensamaofmariKensamaofmari
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    Kerowyn wrote: »
    I didn't get a chance to change my name. I got the guild error on two characters, so changed my other characters afflicted with the +server tag. Then left the guilds, checked, cash shop and housing--no family, not married....but got "This character is ineligible for Name Change" instead. After submitting two tickets with screenshots for both affected characters, this was my response from support:

    "Please note that accounts were credited with 1 free name change for each character which received a +Server tag. If you have already submitted all of your free name changes, you will be ineligible to submit any further name change requests at this time for other characters."

    Ouch. Assuming you had tried to submit it before the deadline, they should at least provide record on whether you had submitted anything for the character in question.