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Another Homestead Expansion, please!


  • MiruhaMiruha
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,540
    Posts: 63
    Pepper wrote: »
    I would be happy with more stuff for the homestead like different flowers, bushes, animals or a carpentry bench to work with they seemed to have missed that one. And I agree a bigger homestead would be nice.And what would be cool is that you could see other homesteads around or walk down a road and visit an neighboring homestead or a friends homestead more interaction between homesteaders

    Like a town? I like that idea, even if we can't exactly implement that, the thought of seeing homesteads in the backdrop of your own would be better than that wasteland since you can only take up so much of it. Or, instead of a road, have it where there's a fishable river between each homestead and connect them with bridges. On top of that, I think our homestead should at least reach level 100 or more for a ton of space. And make the levels for reaching each space expansion much more easier to get to than it is now. I'm almost at lvl 15, and I know that that isn't going to be enough room, since I have a ton of stuff I need to put back into my HS.