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Lazy Market Kiosk is now open!

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edited June 28, 2019 in Nao Marketplace
I've finally re-opened my kiosk, which I stock with a wide variety of useful things. It'll usually be outside of Dunbarton's north wall. Stop by and take a look!

At the moment, I'm selling Fine Firewood, Mandrakes, Hillwen Alloy, W22 Fishing Rods, and HP/Wound 1000 potions, but check back often, because I sell many other things as well.

And, most of the items you find in my kiosk you can request bulk orders for. Want 100 stacks of Mandrakes for Erg? Lemme know and I can do that. Enough firewood to go from rank F to rank 1 Carpentry? No problem. If something's in my kiosk, I can probably sell it to you in bulk.

Add Nezurin of Nao Server to place orders or request new stock items.