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Selling List

Mabinogi Rep: 300
Post: 1
in Nao Marketplace


Royal Academy Gym Teacher - Set
Royal Hunter - Set

Astin - Dashing Suit, Cap, Shoes
Chinese Dragon - Armor (Human), Armor (Elf), Armor (Giant), Boots, Gauntlets (Elf)
Dragon Scale - Helm, Gauntlets
Eluned Elegant Hanbok - Costume (F), Shoes (F)
Marleid - Armor (M), Greaves (M), Gauntlets (M)
Traditonal Plateau Tribal - Costume (M), Hat (M)

Badoura Costume
Casual Cross-Stitch Dress
Cat Armor
Giant Shoulder Armor
Hanbok (M)
Lord Waffle Cone Suit
Premium Summer Newbie Wear (M)
Primitive Fox Armor (M)
Special Forces Uniform (M)

Autumn Fields Hat (M)
Berched Wig
Chocolate Hat
Cores' Knit Cap
devCAT Hat
Floppy Hat (M)
Fluted Full Helm
Kousai's Hat
Ornamented Crown
Private Academy Riding Hat (M)
Refined Medium Wig
Royal Academy Hat
Swimming Cap

2012 Premium Winter Newbie Boots (F)
Anti-Fomor Boots (M)
Camping All-Weather Boots (F)
Echo Shoes
Elegant Hanbok Shoes (F)
Great Outdoors Elven Boots (M)
Royal Academy Slippers (F)
Rurutie's Shoes

Cross Empire Gloves (M)

Shooting Star Robe


Celestial Daydream Gloves (M)
Peaceful Bohemian Wear (M)

Note Harnett for any offers.