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[OPEN] Mistreil's Art Shop [Nao]


  • MistreilMistreil
    Mabinogi Rep: 980
    Posts: 17
    edited August 4, 2019
    Put up rough pricing for animations -- I'm only opening one slot and it's... expensive. 'w')b
    (Base price 35m for an uncoloured animation, 70m for coloured one -- depending on how complicated the character/animation is.)

    Thinking about opening up animations for just blinking (which is fine for fullbody/bust/waist-ups) but not planning on it right now. Partly because I don't have examples, partly because I'm not that interested in the idea yet 'A');;
    (But my thoughts on the pricing would be... +10m or something like that. Still thinking about it, and will need to actually make an example before I solidify the idea.)

    I put in emotes too! 'w')b Just something small and fun for me to do, in addition to sprites.
  • MistreilMistreil
    Mabinogi Rep: 980
    Posts: 17
    edited August 5, 2019
    More animation stuff 'w');;;; I wanted to test just blinking / blinking + hair animations (but sort of lazily coloured -- I didn't try to keep shading consistent since this was just a simple test).

    So... for blinking: I've added it as an add-on. It's just a flat +10m to the commission price (per character) 'w')b
    I should be able to do the animation for commissions I've already finished previously for 10m. \o/

    As far as hair animations go... I'm not sure yet (and I can't retroactively add those either since I would have to redraw a lot more) -- being sloppy with the colouring still took me a long time _(:3_)L

    Sorry for all the posts -- I've just been experimenting a lot lately since I'm starting to get more free time. 'A');;
  • BravelatiosBravelatios
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,410
    Posts: 146
    You have a lot of potential with your animation examples you are showing. Please keep at it, and keep up the great art! o/