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S> HS items on Auction House

Mabinogi Rep: 1,960
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in Nao Marketplace
Homestead Chocolate Lava Cake
Llywelyn Figure
Parade Band Talvish Sequel Figure
Kristell Figure
Oidche Sequel Figure
Homestead Tulip-filler Watering Can
Homestead Sheep

PLEASE NOTE: I am not on mabi often, so I cannot take notes - offer if you want, but due to my busy schedule irl, I will not be able to log on in a timely manner to assist you. I'm sorry. (Current in game name is Miruha+Mari, till name change goes through - if you offer and the item is still there when I am able to log in again, I can mail you the items if you note me, please do not add me. Thank you).